Friday, February 5, 2010

NGO clusters

The other day in the USAID call for NGOs, one agency representative
mentioned "clusters", and suggested that NGOs try to work within those as
much as possible.  Here is some info about clusters, and there is a wealth
of information--including reports, contact info, regular updating, plans for
the future--at the OneResponse website
( on this subject.

OneResponse is a collaborative inter-agency website designed to enhance
humanitarian coordination within the cluster approach, and support the
predictable exchange of information in emergencies at the country level.

The list below is just a sample of what is available. Other clusters include
nutrition, agriculture, education, emergency telecom,
water-sanitation-hygiene, and others.

List of Clusters:

Contact Info for Cluster Leads:

Contact Info for Orgs Working in Haiti:

Under the "Protection" Cluster is the Gender-Based Violence information:

Camps/Shelter Cluster (this has a Googlegroups forum, which anyone can join
w/a Google acct):
Public website
Group email:

Health Cluster:

Communications with Disaster-Affected Communities (a "cross-cutting"

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