Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Issues on the Ground

Aside from food and shelter the big crisis is:

HUGE OVERCROWDING -- 8,9,10 people to a 4-6 person tent.. girls being
made to lie next to men they dont know.. etc. (eyewitness testimonies to
the Famn Deside rep). Also young unaccompanied girls being put with
families they don't know and being made to lie down next to men they
don't know.

LACK of LATRINES - ppl forced to urinate and defecate right by where they
are sleeping, and

LACK OF PRIVACY/SHELTER for children who are being exposed to OPEN
PROSITUTION sexual acts being carried out openly, even in the daytime,
with only a tarp above the person who is selling herself... this is
increasing as women have become desperate to eat or get money and is
causing serious friction with outraged families demanding they go
elsewhere to keep this away from children.. violence is feared for the
women selling sex and the camp residents if this situation is not
addressed quickly

LACK OF SANITARY PADS for women -- overall a lack of awareness, claim
women in the camps, of the needs of displaced women. They need this

They also REQUEST PURIFICATION tables for washing themselves -- not just
for drinking water.. for those having their monthly periods.

SUPERVIZED SPACE for children to play and to learn. They suggest
recruiting teachers from within the camp staff who are already trying to
provide childcare or some outdoor schooling for children. For this they

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