Thursday, February 25, 2010

Earth quake preparedness

Don't fool yourselves...rebar is not the Quake fix-all. If the earth shakes and you can get out-do so.

If you can't get out-find a door frame or sturdy piece of furniture to get under (desks) or crawl into a bathtub and pull a matress or boxspring over you...get support around your body.

The real disaster is afterwards...when WATER and food is unavailable. NOW is the time for all those who can afford to do so, to put aside:

1) A week or so worth of food...canned or emergency type foods (not freeze-dried, use mililtary style retort packaged meals

2) 5-10 cases of WATER

3) Any personal medication you need to survive (heart, diabetes etc) 30 days worth of it. Extra pair of eye glasses etc. Dare I suggest a bail-out bag in your car or near your door with personal items you'd need in such a case?

IF a quake hits and you're lucky enough to be "somewhere else", your food and water is to be DONATED and put on a truck to be delivered to the affected area. If people would follow this simple plan, the (citizens) people could respond faster than any government can (or will)

My entire preparedness guide is now available online FREE. You many PM me for the link OR if the MODS will permit me, I'll post it on DR1. (Robert, will help our DR1 community) There are preparedness products I endorse (not profit from) on my website.

My guide endorsed by the Lt. Governor of Mississippi, approved as curriculum and reference for use in my FEMA seminars...and covers hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, terrorism....complete with checklists after every chapter.

As an aside...and with a cheshire grin...I was told yesterday by a MIami reporter for NBC that "The guide" was "the best" of the three books I've published....of course he's the "hurricane guy" for the station...

"When you live prepared, you're prepared to live!

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