Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tweets from RAM Richard Morse. jan 27

Beginning at about 10:30 A.M.:

A late good morning-Brought my son 2 the airport.He got on an AirForce plane-the kind w/a ramp in the back.US folks working overtime Thanks

A lot of folks working overtime not getting any Thanks. This is my shout out!!

Many tent cities on way to the airport.Look like African refugee camps.The devastation is indescribable.I can't fathom how so many survived

The Cathedral,St Trinity,Belair:no words to describe. How did RAM musicians survive? Whole blocks down.The Park at Delma2,Tent City

Le Monde journalist saw my TWEET about journalists leaving so he came back! Shout out to his daughter! People have to remain engaged.

My long term project 4 next couple of days is getting a 70K generator to power hotel.

Some one told me that I may be sleeping outdoors but it doesn't mean I'm poor!!

Some "tent" homes are turning into "tin roofing" homes. Using tin roofing/scraps to build the homes makes them look so much more permanent

"Haven" out of Ireland helps to build homes for disenfranchised. Habitat For Humanity(Westchester) is here.2 org's known 4 building homes

The Oloffson is still open and we hope to still be taking guests in February

I'm getting visits from people.They're concerned about how the AID to Haiti is going 2 be distributed. Very concerned about locals in charge

Heard tents were selling in Petionville for US$10. Don't know all the details.Was going 2 get some but had to go 4 gas & Water

OUT WITH THE OLD; IN WITH THE NEW. Let's hear what the candidates want. Let's hear what the PEOPLE want. No one wants current STATUS QUO

I hear Army Corps of Engineers want to knock down houses in Jacmel. Is there an appeals process? Historic Buildings should be given a chance

TWO WEEKS LATER: I'm told a sixteen year old girl was just rescued from rubble, in the Carrefour Feuille area. Miracles are still happening!

Now they're telling me it's the Canadian Army Corps of Engineers that are in Jacmel..I'll try and find out

I'm hearing things aren't as bad in Aux Cayes as they are closer to PauP

Try to find a local organization that's already working and established in Haiti

I know who's in charge of the airport,but who's in charge of the ports? I've heard of containers disappearing in those ports!!

Actually, some one told me their house was marked to be destroyed within a few days

Actually I think the ports are owned by private families

Destroying historical homes in Jacmel that could potentially be saved would be a crime.

The particular house I'm refering to isn't a Gingerbread but it's an old house, a nice house. Historical

I've seen bamboo on the road to Kenscoff, which is a mountain road. Haven't seen it to the south towards Jacmel. Rarely used for anything.

I hear the girl that was saved today survived on salt crackers. she seems to have been trapped in a place with some space and food.

The press is fighting to scoop the rescue stories. Racing to get the news out first. Global competition for the story. AP vs Reuters vs AFP

I heard about the rescue from the NYT photog. The sirens sped by the Oloffson a short while before the story broke.

Someone has to decide which homes r 2 be saved or not.There has to be an appeals panel unless there's a public safety issue

Jacmel is a special town. Look like part of the French Quartier in New Orleans. An undeveloped version.

Good night. It's quiet in haiti. I'll hear the planes in the distance tonight.The planes have replaced the singing & praying as background

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