Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cost of living in Haiti

In response to questions--- the cost of living in Haiti.. at least in Port au ¨Prince can be estimated at TWICE that for the DR..

Now for EXPATS here in the DR we on the message board DR1 have estimated those cost to be $2000 a month for a very basic middle class life for one person with no car, and $3000 a month for a family with kids in private school.

I do not figure that anyone is going to be taking their kids into Haiti now.. well, if you are doing that you are obviously working for God and money is not an issue.

For the others... the main reason that the cost of living is DOUBLE what it is in the DR is that there is no infrastructure in Haiti so that any sort of private residence has to have its own generator. Plus... you must have a car for transport... AND it MUST be a 4X4

The cost of cars here in the DR can be estimated at half again as much as in the States... $10,000 will get a solid used 4X4 at the low end but you are not going to get it cheaper than that.

The rents in Haiti are HIGH... it cost about $1000 a month for a studio in a good neighborhood LAST YEAR.. ANd I am sure that the prices have no doubled with the Quake, Samson, as Richard Morse has named it...

Plus NO THANKS to the scammers at the UN who drive the housing prices up WHEEREVER they go..

Look here to see how they got SANTO DOMINGO to be RATED AT 94 TO 100 VIS A vis NYC!

when all the other tables have SD at the 65 to 70 level vis a vis NYC

SHAME on YOU guys!!

and you have the nerve to call HAITIANS corrupt!


Anonymous said...

My daughter and I were wondering if the cost to live in Haiti, approximately $2,000 per month is in US dollars or Gourdes? Thank you!

Babette said...

That figure is in US dollars. I expect that it has risen dramatically since the earthquake.

Babette said...

Be aware that this figure is for EXPATs and NOT Dominicans and Haitians who know how to live on very little. In the DR the estimated living wage for a family of four is $550 a month. In Haiti.. well.. in Haiti.. folks seem to live on air. and hope..
Many expats live very comfortably on $1500. Less than that can be cutting it close.