Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tweets from RAM feb 22 nd

[Beginning at 3:55 A.M]

NYDAILYNEWS.com:"We're beyond the catastrophe stage - we're.. improving what we've got," Lt Col James McFadyen, an 82nd Airborne commander

Troops who for years hunted Al Qaeda suddenly made unlikely temporary alliances with Cuban Communists.

Just felt the Earth move a few minutes ago.. It caused the neighborhood dogs to start barking.

This one moved everything. It wasn't just a little vibration under my feet. The house moved

No visible damage. I'm ok. just a momentary freak out

anything you bring is good; Those iodine tablets will help people with their drinking water. If you can get them, do it. Merci d'avance

If you haven't been 2 Port au Prince since the QUAKE; It's beyond ur wildest imagination.The press, the TV, TWEETS..NOTHING CAN DESCRIBE IT

Je parle un peut francais mais pas tres bien! Mon kreyol est un peut mieux

Here's a perspective for you.. A lot of issues in Haiti.. http://www.haitian-truth.org/

RAM musicians r gonna start rehearsing this week (singer next week!!)

after you rebuild the wall out front i think you should start playing... moun yo ap manderrrrr! :-)

RAM musicians start rehearsing this week, Singer (Lunise) next week. Meantime we fix the walls that fell.

I can't speak for all..No one wants 2 separate from their kids. I guess sometimes they hope it's 4 the best. Times can be hard

Amerijet Cargo is in Miami. There are shipping companies too but they can take a long time

People r trying to get into a day to day routine. Don't know how many businesses destroyed. Help came from abroad & neighbors

[Ending about 5:00 P.M.]

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