Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Collecting for Haiti

Tout Ayiti Bezwen Sipo - all of Haiti needs support , not just

Haiti 2015 is committed to a grassroots alternative and a Haitian solution,
and during this gwo katastrof, a grassroots approach is exactly what Haiti
needs to return life and normalcy to its people. But unfortunately, this
takes time and patience to guarantee that things are done in Haitian terms
and according to Haitian needs. It also takes the wisdom to know when good
intentions can become unintentional impediments.

Knowing this, Haiti 2015 is currently collecting detailed information from
the groups and areas we united during the launch to organize a concerted
effort among these disparate areas of Haiti which have experienced
devastation rivaling the capital itself. The destruction in areas like
Bainet, Leogane, and Fondwa sadly escapes the immediate reach of larger
relief organizations.

We receive daily updates from our collaborators in Haiti: STADL, FLAP Haiti
and University of Fondwa.

We must deliver crucial aid and relief at the same time that we administer
services essential to helping life go on in Haiti. Food, medical service,
and other relief for these areas must accompany other services like daycare,
schooling, and everyday travay (work) that ensures life goes on.

Haiti 2015 is not waiting idly, and neither should you. However, we must act
smartly and wisely, weaving all the stories and information into an Action
Plan that is a best fit for the areas struggling most right now. We
encourage everyone to be patient as we formulate this plan for the areas and
people we know best.


-- Your Passionate Servant,

Ilio Durandis
Haiti 2015

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