Friday, January 15, 2010

Tweets from Richard Morse

we're back on line..went to St Gerard Church..people are trapped in the school..others are dead in the rubble    12:28 PM

the Carrefour Feuilles area is destroyed..government buildings:Palace Justice, Palace, DGI are destroyed    12:29 PM

there is no police presence..there is no UN presence in the Carrefour Feuilles area..people are trying to take care of themselves 12:30 PM

rows of buildings have collapsed..there is no sign of official help anywhere in this area    12:31 PM

People are calm, trying to help each other...others are visiting people to see if they are ok...some are digging bodies out of buildings 12:35 PM

Everyone slept outside last night..people are afraid of remaining inside i walked the streets i see bodies    12:36 PM

I saw a couple of helicopters twice today but there is no sign that the international presence is helping the population 12:38 PM

I hear that the Digicel/Brazilian embassy building in Petionville is down but I have not confirmed. Many churches are destroyed    12:40 PM

Castel Haiti is down..was 8 stories high    12:47 PM

People are buried in the St Gerard School by St Gerard Church..we heard voices in the rubble.I saw official vehicles in area    12:49 PM

Multi storied buildings are flattened..Cathedral, St Trinity, St Gerard, Sacre Coeur are destroyed or partly destroyed 12:51 PM

too many private homes of the poor are way of counting them all..people are sitting in the streets trying to take it all in 12:52 PM

all my guests slept in the driveway last night..people came up from the streets thinking they were bodies.. neighbors helping neighbors    12:54 PM

there are going to be shortages of food, water, medical supplies.. partially buried bodies will create health issues soon    12:55 PM

13 Jan 2010..I am hearing the siren of an ambulance for the first time as I right this note..    12:56 PM

I am hearing a helicopter for the third time since yesterday.there are going to be food, water, medical supply issues.. electricity is down 1:01 PM

we still feel occasional tremors here but they're not that logistical support to speak of.. 1:08 PM

Batteries keep us tweeting!!   1:13 PM

I see bodies in the street..I see bodies buried in rubble..there are going to be food, medical supply and water issues.. decomposing bodies   1:24 PM

When the earthquake first hit I felt like I was trying to surf for the first didn't want to stop..    1:33 PM

some people are being told to head to Champ Mars..tonight will be difficult 1:35 PM

I'm beginning to hear helicopters more often now.. I predict massive emmigration.. no homes, no jobs,no medical treatment.disaster 1:43 PM

If your home is destroyed and your workplace is destroyed and your neighborhood is destroyed..then what?    1:57 PM

what are the poor supposed to homes, no jobs,no medical attention.bodies half buried nearby    2:21 PM

I hear that FOKAL is still up but have not heard about the Centre D'Art    2:22 PM

I don't think that RAM will be performing this Thursday..but bless you for asking.. 2:25 PM

It will be dark again soon..we haven't advanced much in the last day..there goes another helicopter..three journalists just checked in  2:31 PM

Claire and Peter Dailey are with us and seem fine @sddewe 2:48 PM

another tremor...5:22PM..the praying has begun..outdoors..loud and energetic.Beni Swa Leternel!!!.So many churches have been destroyed

I heard some roosters and some birds in the trees this afternoon..first time since yesterday..Journalists r checking into the hotel    5:29 PM

singing..praying..clapping hands..the sun is stting..another night of darkness..death is all around.everyone has seen death..destruction 5:31 PM

Jay MacEnroe was here but he left before the quake..headed out to the provinces..I assume he's ok    5:37 PM

The Oloffson seems to have survived but judging by the occasional tremors..this may not be over     5:39 PM

I'm just tweeting.. trying to be of help.. I'm really concerned about the people who are alive yet stuck under the rubble  5:42 PM

I'm concerned about food, water, medical supplies and people who are stuck in the logistical support to speak of 5:55 PM

People that came in from the airport are saying that there are bodies strewn about on the streets. I don't know what to make of that    6:00 PM

the collapsed houses and buildings are 2 much to take in at once.hearing singing and praying in the background. darkness is setting in    6:02 PM

I just got a reservation cancellation for the hotel.... 6:08 PM

The rain has stopped..that was quick    6:10 PM

Bodies are being put by the side of the Canape Vert road so friends and relatives can come pick them up    6:14 PM

If people lose their homes and they lose their work places and there is no way to feed themselves, then whats next??    6:14 PM

people have remained very calm and helpful..once more,as the sun sets, the singing begins,the night brings uncertainty    6:16 PM

The St Gerard Church has a school behind it that collapsed.I heard someone speaking from the rubble, feet were trapped he couldn't get out    6:20 PM

No one here from news that I can confirm..bodies along the airport road     6:21 PM

I couldn't get into the space to get him out.i saw,police,told them,they weren't concerned.I've tweeted about it.I'mreaching out 6:23 PM

I saw no priests at the St Gerard Church,a few people out front,some nuns,I saw lifeless legs in the rubble    6:24 PM

The praying and singing is getting louder..more and more people are much much destruction    6:27 PM

There were kids in the St Gerard skool when it collapsed. I haven't seen any sort of logistical backup in this part of town since the quake 6:30 PM

I wonder if some other part of town is getting logistical support..Is this a Green zone/Red zone issue???    6:31 PM

A priest came to see me..I asked him why so many churches collapsed..he left without an answer..God works in mysterious ways    6:38 PM

I went on foot to see one of my employees..she lost a sister.everyone was gathered by the side of the street.her mother was lying down    6:39 PM

I haven't seen all my band mates yet.I haven't seen all my employees yet.someone came by asking for one of my receptionists.not a good sign   6:41 PM

I hear help is coming....tomorrow    6:47 PM

Menahem is with us..he's fine     6:56 PM

Marilyn Houlberg is with us..she seems to be ok     7:00 PM

a lot of collapsed houses in this area but don't get your hopes down..lots of victims but lots of survivors     7:05 PM

we seem to be surviving..candles and a few batteries..once our pipes get fixed we'll turn on the water  7:06 PM

My VOILA phone has signal!!! 7:29 PM

The St Trinity Church has collapsed but I haven't heard anything about the school     7:38 PM

There is no electricity at the Oloffson Hotel..there are 6 journalists crowded around this desk writing and filing     7:39 PM

the group praying has quieted down is this part of town..but the suffering continues    7:41 PM

we're using batteries and one seems to be complaining..we'll turn on the water once we get some of these pipes fixed 7:42 PM

I heard about a jailbreak,but I'm not aware of any violence or looting    7:48 PM

the most recent aftershock was an hour or two ago..tremor I would call it..things vibrated underfoot    7:53 PM

Sophia Martelly came by a couple of hours ago with mom, sis and son..seems to be ok..said Michel is out of country    7:58 PM

No pool tables at the Oloffson!! but the pool was shaking a lot of water all over the place during the quake!!     8:01 PM

I saw some people from VIVA RIO a couple of hours ago and they seemed very calm 8:08 PM

I haven't heard any good news coming from the real wife couldn't get close to reach a friend    8:10 PM

Time magazine is printing out of date photos and trying to pass them off for today    8:31 PM

Time magazine is mis-crediting photos    8:31 PM

tremor!!!    8:32 PM

I put photos up when my daughter is around..too much technology!! 8:35 PM

hundreds of people have gathered in Place Jeremie to spend the night..SLEEPING INDOORS IS NOT THE TREND!! 8:37 PM

The praying and singing has quieted down..people are outdoors waiting patiently for....whatevers next    8:41 PM

I'm not getting good news from the Montana area, I'm sorry to say but I don't have clear details 8:50 PM

Night has fallen..the night seems to take so long..I guess those that are buried alive in the rubble are feeling it the worst..Prayers.. 8:55 PM

I saw a collapsed building may have been 8 or 9 looked like 8 or 9 pieces of bread one on top of the other..survivors? 9:01 PM

I've only heard one or two shots all day..I'm inside right now..i'll listen 9:04 PM

Some one told me the Pont Morin Teleco building had a crack but i can't confirm 9:16 PM

I charge guests for the rooms but we sleep outside on the driveway!! 9:17 PM

I'm trying to find a positive point of view and all i can come up with is: a lot of people didn't die. about 24 hours ago

Port au Prince is quiet tonight. I've never heard such a big city so quiet..I assume everybody is sleeping outside somewhere.. about 24 hours ago

If you just came in from NY or Canada, you might think it's warm here but 4 us it's the dead of winter.Prayers 4 those alive in the rubble about 24 hours ago

e're coping okay..been through a lot here during the last twenty or so years.most of my guests r used to "events"   about 24 hours ago

I hear NO GUNFIRE in Port au Prince. The singing is starting up again  about 24 hours ago

St Gerard Church and the school behind it are destroyed.People alive in the rubble.don't kno the other St Gerard places   about 23 hours ago

I saw some nuns in blue sitting in front of the St Gerard Church. saw no priests.Nuns one helping those in rubble  about 23 hours ago

If the nuns at St Gerard wear blue, i saw 4 or 5 sitting,praying in front of the church about 23 hours ago

I look at the sky,see the stars, and it's as if nothing was wrong. the singing, the praying and the siren bring me back to reality..Haiti about 23 hours ago

I don't like the way CNN is spinning this thing.What shooting? Not in Port au Prince..Not this side of town.maybe looking for ratings    about 22 hours ago

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