Monday, January 18, 2010

Fonkoze operational for transfers

An Urgent Message to Friends and Donors of Fonkoze Re: the
Mon., Jan. 18, 2010 3:00 PM

Urgent Notice to everyone wanting to send money to Haiti
through Fonkoze:

Fonkoze Haiti is pleased to inform you that 28 Fonkoze
branches are open for business and, depending on their cash
liquidity, are paying cash transfers. They are listed below.
There are a few branches we have not been able to
communicate with but it is possible they are operating:

* Gantye, Fonveret
* Tyot
* Montoganize
* Fondwa.

We hope one Fonkoze branch office in Port-au-Prince will be
open by Wednesday and will provide updates on these as
information is confirmed.

For those of you who use our service with City National
Bank of New Jersey, that bank has agreed to cover all
transfer fees for the time being. That means every dollar
you send will end up in the account of your beneficiary.
We are grateful to Louis Prezeau of City National Bank of
New Jersey for making this possible. He joined the very
first conference call of friends of Fonkoze to offer his
assistance and this is one tangible way he has followed

Moneygram is also offering a special: For any country
sending US dollars to Haiti, the fee is $1. For any country
sending Euros to Haiti, the fee is 1 Euro.

Remember: No matter what funds you transfer, they are
secure. All three services we pay for are functioning
without problems: Moneygram, Unitransfer and CAM. Not all
branches are working normal hours at present, and we must
stress that liquidity varies hourly, but the system itself
is intact and your cash is secure.

Fully operational branches referenced above:

* Grandans: Jeremi, Bomon
* Sid: Okay, Okoto,
* Sides: Marigo, Lavale, Fondeblan
* Nippes: Miragwan
* Lwes: Lagonav, Latwazon,
* Plato Santral: Mibale, Tomonn, Boukankare, Sodo,
Belade, Piyon, Ench
* Latibonit: Ponsonde, SenMichel, Gonayiv
* No: Okap, Lenbe, Milo, Pomago
* Nodes: Folibete, Twoudino, Wanament
* Nodwes: Podpe, Janrabel

John Mercier, President, Fonkoze USA

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