Friday, January 22, 2010

More News from the Ground


The UN/Clinton have just announced that they are going to employ 220,000
Haitians to work to rebuild the country, paying them US$50 per day which
will help over a million people. This is good news.

Another couple of aftershocks since yesterday - one last nite and one again
this morning!

Give me a hundred hurricanes over an earthquake!!

The Minister of Haitians Living Abroad has just reported on Radio Metropole
that the Govt is physically destroyed, in the sense that govt. buildings
have collapsed and now they're having to borrow other buildings to actually
run the govt!! This is not going to help.

There have been several banks calling for their employees to contact the
Human Resources depts of their own banks or their immediare supervisors in
order to get the banks open. This is very GOOD NEWS. We are all running
out of Money - another problem, and to my knowledge, unless someone on the
list can tell me otherwise, there are very few money transfer agents open
which means people can't receive money from their friends and family.

Michael Deibert has just called me and said that Petit Goave seems to be
worse than even Leogane for having lost so many buildings. The beautiful old
house of Emperor Soulouque, the Relais de l'Empereur collapsed - so sad, it
was a wonderful historic building and I've taken many many people there to
spend a wonderful weekend.

I wish the darn helicopters wouldn't fly so low over houses - you feel that
the ground shakes when they pass over, which doesn't help our mental

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