Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Jesuits on the ground

The Jesuits in Santo Domingo have five collection points and a warehouse where they will be assembled--

I believe that they are in the best position to get the most food and medications into Haiti.

They have already received donations of some magnitude, including three containers from PRICESMART

¨Please consider contributing, if you are able.

We are working on getting a paypal account

Meanwhile the international transfer is

Wachovia Bank, NA New York International Branch. 11 Penn Plaza 4th floor, NY NY

54D FED ABA 026 005 092

Benificiary Bank
Banco Popular Dominicano, C por A
Cuenta 2000 19200 3285
59 Beneficiario Centro Pedro Francisco Bono
59 Cuenta 734-51079-5

thank you for your continued prayers

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