Thursday, January 14, 2010

News from Jacmel

I,ve been in Cyvadier since last week. We finally got into Jacmel this morning and yes, the damage is very bad. Some of the streets are closed c0ompletely. The Cine Institute seems to be okay but it;s hard to tell the full extent of damages from the outside. Many of the buildings that are still standing have massive cracks and are unstable. Schools and part of the hospital are gone. The Jacmel airport field is being used as a tent camp. In the outlying areas such as Cyvadier the damage is less....however at the Cyvadier Hotel one building that housed several rooms and the conference room fell completely. It,s truly a miracle that no one was hurt. For the past 2 nights we,ve all been sleeping on mattesses in the parkig lot rather than indoors. We have no phone service. A few small marketsare operating and there are supposed to be a few flights sent in today or tomorro with supplies. Preval has said that they are concentrating on PaP and will get to Jacmel as soon as they can. He has asked the mayor here to supply a list of needs.

Sorry but have not heard any news about Flora. As I said we have no phone service. We have heard that Leogane is very bad.

Will try to write more when I can get internet service.
Karen Kramer

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