Friday, January 15, 2010

Masks and Rubber Gloves needed

I've been listening to the Radio Metropole and with everyone who is coming
into the station to ask for help, the biggest need is for MASKS and RUBBER
GLOVES for those who are helping with rescue, either in their communities or
in the different areas - for the police for example, who are helping move
the dead bodies.

So anyone who is planning on coming in or sending stuff in, please see if
you can get plenty of supplies of these. The smell on the street coming from
various sources is absolutely terrible and volunteers or workers who are
helping with the rescue then they need protection.

Other news - seemingly many people were pulled out alive, amazingly, from
the Caribbean supermarket last nite. This is good news.

Minister of Culture was on the radio saying that the dead bodies have to be
taken in front of designated places such as different cemeteries so that
they can be buried asap. Families need to take the photo of the person and
write their name on the cadavre as well.

Terrible stories of people without homes who are being looked after in a
centre d'Hebergement, quelquonque - such as schools etc. - they've had many
girls and women who have given birth WITHOUT any help whatsoever.

The biggest need also is Water.

someone was giving very good advice on focusing on your own community and
putting your heads together and seeing what you have in the way of food
between you, of water and medical supplies etc.  YThere is a lot of calling
for solidarity and for people to stop the banditry - of stealing from
people's houses, and selling stuff on the black market. People were selling
sachets of water which normally sold at 1-2 gourdes at 30 gourdes!!

Jacqui Labrom

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