Monday, January 18, 2010

Hope For Haiti

Naples, FL-January 15, 2010

Hope for Haiti, a non-profit organization based in Florida, will send two 757 airplanes to Port-au-Prince on Saturday, January 16, 2010. Go Daddy's unprecedented $500,000 donation will allow the airplanes-one of which was generously donated by GE-to reach the Hope for Haiti trauma team. The planes will carry much needed medical supplies and first aid medical personnel to continue to help the earthquake survivors.

"This morning Hope for Haiti was prepared to send two private planes piloted by local friends of the organization, full of supplies, five doctors, and three nurses, unfortunately, at the last minute, we had to abort our flight due to Port-au-Prince's overwhelmed airport and a lack of fuel for a return flight to restock the plane," said Hope for Haiti, Executive Director, Elizabeth Davison.

The organization is coordinating its efforts with the United Nations' Mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) to ensure that it is able to help the most people possible with the best care available.

"MINUSTAH is quite understandably shaken-they are missing a lot of local staff, and are doing their best to recoup," said Hope for Haiti Country Director Mike Stewart who has set up a Trauma Unit at the Villa Creole Hotel in Petion-Ville.

"Basic human services are virtually nonexistent, not only in Port-au-Prince, but in most of the country. Delivery of water, food, medicine, and qualified personnel to the people who need them most is essential," he said.

"Much is needed to help the survivors. Below is a list of emergency, medical supplies, and medications most requested and urgent. These supplies can be dropped off at the Hope for Haiti office. Non-Naples area resident are encouraged to help with monetary donations, which can be online via the organization's Web site  The money raised will help expedite donated supplies to Haiti.

Emergency Supplies Needed:
Batteries (AA/AAA)
Hazmat suits
Medical masks
Body bags
Clothes (new)
Medical Supplies Needed:
Gloves - all sizes
Hand sanitizer (large bottles)
1 Gallon size Ziplock bags
Band-Aids (all sizes)
Sutures (all sizes)
Medications Needed:
Heavy pain killers
Local anesthesia
Kwell lotion (scabies) or medical soap
Griseofulvin, Fulvicin (Nail fungus/infections)
Bactrim (UTI)
Silvadene cream
Hydrochlorthyozide (Hypertension)
Aspirin (children and adult)
Itrikonzole (antifungal pediatrics for head fungus)
Iodine salt (Groiders)
Amoxil or Augmentin (chewable antibiotics for children -refrigerated antibiotics are not realistic
Muscle relaxants (medication for handicap children specifically)
Children vitamins
Adult Vitamins
Malaquine (children malaria syrup)
Hydrogen peroxide
Topical antifungal creams
Any diuretic meds

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