Monday, January 18, 2010

MINUSTAH reports

In an earlier post I posted that Annabi, head of the MINUSTAH mission was dead.

This was from a report from Haiti

This has not been confirmed-

                       16:00, Friday, 15 January 2010

  The Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division, in cooperation
  with the Safety and Security Unit, is preparing these updates to share
  information on the situation of MINUSTAH Human Rights Section staff. We
  will also share information on other MINUSTAH staff as it comes in.
  Should you have any information on the safety of any MINUSTAH staff
  members, please forward it to Thank you in advance.

  Human Rights Section staff
  It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our colleague, Lisa
  Mbele-Mbong. Lisa served as a Human Rights Officer in MONUC and MINUSTAH,
  and may have been a friend and colleague to many of you. We shall
  remember her in our thoughts. Her son is safe in Port-au-Prince, and her
  family has been informed.

  Dieudonné Munyinga, who was injured and evacuated to the Dominican
  Republic, is reportedly in a stable condition.

  Other MINUSTAH staff
  William Gardner, Heiner Rosendahl and Jonas Scherrens are safe. Louis
  Nkopipie from UNDP is safe. Ekaterina Pischalnikova is injured and has
  been evacuated to the Dominican Republic.

  On 14 January, DPKO and DFS organized a Town Hall meeting, and informed
  staff that:
  ·   4 MINUSTAH sites were damaged by the earthquake.
  ·   To date, it is estimated that there are 36 casualties, 72 injured and
  between 100 and 150 persons who are still unaccounted for. Between 50 and
  100 people are missing in the Christopher Hotel; 30 to 40 in Hotel
  Montana; 10 to 20 in Villa Privée; and 10 in the UNDP annex. A list of
  injured people should be shared shortly.

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